Ceiling designs for bedroom Are ceiling fans the kiss of demise for design?

Ceiling designs for bedroom Are ceiling fans design suicide? I say "hardly ever," and the Homss neighborhood concurs! This has been a hot matter at the Homss Discussions Board ever because Homsser sunshinesarah posted this cry for design assist:My husband and I are building our first house. He has graciously let me have my approach on just about each choice up to now. Except CEILING FANS he insists we install ceiling lovers in all 4 bedrooms for air flow, power efficiency, and so forth. The home we are living in now has ceiling fans and we if truth be told use them day by day.

However, it seems that each and every layout display I watch or magazine I read is of the opinion that ceiling fanatics are the 1 design No-No. Would putting in ceiling fans be committing design suicide? Do I try to camouflage them by means of going with white to match the ceiling or dark to match doorknobs and trim? Lights or no lighting fixtures? Five blades or 4? HELP!All people who watched Trading Spaces again in the day more than likely have this neurosis. In the safety of the ones designers, a number of the lovers they ripped out have been horrendously out of date, wobbly, dusty messes. Had Laurie & Hildy had the decisions to be had today from puts like Fanimation, and the cheap of greater than $1,000 for all the room, they could have replaced the vintage fans with just one of these fresh new designs.

Ceiling lovers get a bad rap for being clunky and old-fashioned, however these streamlined styles & a bevy of pros beg to differ.

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