Colours for drawing room Eight victorian drawing rooms for up to date residing

Colours for drawing room The drawing living space, necessarily the lady's "retreating living space," was regularly the main public living space of a Victorian house. These rooms were feminine, relaxed & hospitable. Places for receiving guests , they were systems to sing their own praises one's wealth, culture & style. Items, footage and ornamental pieces from the Victorians' newfound love of shuttle were constantly brought to the distance, ensuing in the busy or cluttered taste we go together with the technology.

Colors had been strong and combined, with graduated tints from partitions to ceiling making a dominant effect. In modest heart-magnificence homes the drawing room will have been the only reception living space, and therefore doubled as the adults' sitting space, right away off the corridor next to the eating space. While size may have been commensurate with affluence, for so much strange people it was not a space of great proportions. The use of the drawing room on your Victorian house depends on your wishes, but here are a few tips for modern adaption.

Whether you rework it for an open plan or keep it intact, a Victorian drawing space can graciously adapt to modern wishes.

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