Living rooms colors combinations Great colour mixture : a green & black palette

Living rooms colors combinations We have had some wet days previously few weeks in Los Angeles. In my place of birth of Pasadena, there are many tree-covered streets of terrific camphor trees. I'm all the time reminded of ways much I like inexperienced and black in combination at the same time as driving down just one of these streets after a fantastic rain. Camphor bushes, especially in early spring, have a vibrant chartreuse leaf and produce clusters of miniature, black berrylike fruit.

With rain, the trunks of those trees darken by way of the saturation of water & appear black. They are actually a sight to behold, and the pointy contrast of the chartreuse leaf against the black bark at all times will get me thinking of ways to carry this palette indoors. Did you ever wonder what is so eye catching about the Homss brand ? Yep, it is inexperienced & black. These colours simply glance just right together.

Have a peek at how these Homss designers have translated those two colors into recent designs for spring. For a fresh, crisp glance from the lounge to the laundry space, take a cue from nature.

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