Room designs for living rooms Space of the day: a lounge designed for dialog

Room designs for living rooms After her husband passed on to the great beyond, Penelope Draganic and her son, Sam (age 16), and daughter, Vivi (9 ), moved from their better house to a 3-bed room, two-and-a-half -bath bungalow in Belvedere, a scenic neighborhood in Marin County, California, through the water, just north of San Francisco. Draganic wanted their new house to feel like a cozy nest where the family may create new recollections whilst introducing older sentimental items. While the house had a lot of potential, Draganic thought it needed some updates. "Before, the property had a Tuscan feel to it, with Venetian plaster on the walls," she remembers.

"I sought after it to be more my style , with blank lines & beachy colours performed in a chic way. "She and fashion designer Eugenia Jesberg paid special consideration to the living room, the primary area people see after they input the house. Wanting the room to set the tone for the house, they used a fresh, gentle colour palette with blue and green accents that mirror the shimmering lagoon just outside the windows. A calm colour scheme & an open seating area create a welcoming house made for day by day living and pleasing.

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