Tin ceiling tiles as backsplash Tin’s a win for kitchen backsplashes

Tin ceiling tiles as backsplash As a lover of interiors with vintage allure and kitchens whose personalities shine with a mix of metals, I to find tin backsplashes to be without equal element. A kitchen's backsplash is steadily its point of interest, and with tin you are assured a win. Designed after the targeted tin ceilings that initially graced Victorian properties, this sturdy metal brings refined architectural detail to a kitchen with little effort. Tin backsplashes are on a regular basis composed of sheets of tin with hammered or pressed styles.

The patterns are normally designed in 6-inch blocks that stand by myself or seem to weave in combination to create a larger-scale design. The sheets are then lower to the dimensions of the backsplash place they're being installed on & applied with adhesive & tacks, in response to the provider's directions. Sold in sheets from clothing stores like The American Tin Ceiling Co. , 24andquot; x 24" tiles start at $7.

Whether you're striving for antique detailing or a brand new punch of steel, when you deliver tin right down to counter degree, the effects may also be sensational. Durable tin has come down from the ceiling and out of Victorian occasions to brighten backsplashes lately.

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